Primary Internet

A reliable Internet Service Provider or ISP is hard to come by. Many businesses face challenges with the connections that affect their operations and customer service representative are hard to reach. We provide an Internet service that’s customized for businesses. Internet Wifi enables businesses to run their operations smoothly without a hitch or glitch. Our dedicated customer service is online and on call 24/7 with the personal touch that our valued clients deserve.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Internet and Network Providers

We make sure that the service we provide is what we say it is. We give you a rundown on the speeds available in your area. When you email us your business location, you will receive a quote for the speeds in the area of business. Depending on the speeds, varying from 768 kbps to 75 Mbps, you can choose which is right for your business. Prices differ and depend on the speed, starting at $30 per month. We cover installation and service costs for you. The support staff is on call for all your internet, telephone and backup requirements, anytime and any day.

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