Secure Public & Private Wifi Service

We know how much you value your customers, just like we do. Dialing Innovations provides Secure Public and Private services for your establishment. You are ensured your business data is secured and safe with your own private Wifi access while your customers enjoy public Wifi to enhance their experience within your store. To help you more on where you want your public Wifi hotspots, provide us the square footage of your office or store and specify the hotspots for stronger Internet access to determine the type and capacity of the device you need.

Our Wifi for public consumption will give access to everyone within your store premises. We will customize each feature to meet your requirement:

  1. Anyone can access your Public Wifi within the range you choose.
  2. Keep your private Wifi protected with passwords and protected accounts with login permissions.
  3. You can require payment/deals for Wifi access.
  4. You can limit the time customers can access Wifi services within your premises.
  5. Provide fun things to do using Wifi access such as games and other fun ideas as a value-added experience in your premises.
  6. Use your public Wifi as a promotional tool by displaying a Custom Branded Splash Page, which you can change whenever
    you want, for specials and promos.

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