VoIP – Hosted Telecommunications

Voice over IP or VoIP is the new standard in telecommunications technology, and we provide the most comprehensive, cost-saving and flexible VoIP services customizable to your business needs.

  1. Our services are comprehensive including reliable standard VoIP such as computer to computer, computer to phone, computer to a mobile phone, local caller ID, voicemail and automatic call distribution and voice recognition.
  2. Cost saving because the hardware you’ll need is minimal, headphone, sound card and camera for video calls – all these are already built in on standard pcs and laptops. You also save on calls, because whether you call locally or internationally – these are within our standard package so you don’t have to worry about extra charges and tax!
  3. It affords you smaller overhead costs from IT, HR and Admin employees. Because we provide the service, we have your back on anything related to the VoIP service, which in turn saves you overhead costs.
  4. VoIP increases productivity as you and your team can log in to the system anytime and anywhere.
  5. Flexibility is key to your business success and we provide flexible services as you pay only for what you use. You decide which features are best for your enterprise.

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