Hosted Learning Management Systems

Our Cloud-based Learning Management Systems provide wider access, effortless and faster deployment and has strong security features. Cloud-based LMS is advanced and user-friendly giving you the best benefits that make it easier to introduce new employees to the enterprise’s business processes, allowing for distance learning via online classrooms or self-study. This is easier for recording and auditing employee training and expertise; they are especially helpful when compliance with certain training is required.

  1. Cloud-based LMS save you time and money with advanced features such as worldwide access to information, fast deployment, security features, and uniform training modules. Your learners, anywhere in the world, get access to learning modules at any time at no extra cost and no need for traveling thus, cutting more training costs.
  2. Training modules are uniform as your modules, data and records are kept in one site. You can organize and keep all these in one place, so there’s no worry about misplacing a module or pertinent learning information.
  3. Online classroom sessions are recorded. Monitoring employees in training is easy. Testing and evaluation are also recorded for an easy audit of how much and how fast each participant learns.
  4. You can upload new training tools or modules for business regulations in minutes and deploy to employees in no time.

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