Back-Up Internet

Never lose precious operation time and avoid the cost of delayed transactions and lost opportunities due to connection problems from your primary Internet Service. Our back up Internet Service protects you from these types of dilemmas. Every business should be backed up with a reliable alternative connection. Once you lose your primary internet you can seamlessly switch services to keep your business operations running well for you and your customers; no more delayed or lost transactions and no lost sales opportunities. The basic package – Bronze starts at $15/GB monthly. The silver level is $60/5 GB data at upload and download speeds of 30 MB. These packages can be bundled with the phone service with IVR which is only $10 per month.

Keep your business ahead of the game with our reliable and automatic fail-safe Backup Internet Service. The backup is made to sit in-line with the current Internet service monitoring the primary’s uptime. Once an Internet outage is detected, the Backup will go online and pick up where the primary internet left off in seconds. The business will never be interrupted by outages:

  1. Maintain operational flow and customer satisfaction
  2. Avoid revenue loss
  3. Be on top of the competition
  4. No need to process transactions manually

Our Backup Internet system is safe with these protective features:

  1. Encryption for secure Wifi
  2. Port forwarding
  3. SPI Firewall and NAT to stop any unauthorized access to connected computers or URL filters
  4. PCI compliant

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